Peyton's Potion co-founders Jess and Peyton Armstrong on Front Porch

Peyton’s Potion was created by Jessica Armstrong with her son Peyton soon after Peyton was diagnosed with leukemia at the age of ten in 2010.  As Jess learned everything she could to give Peyton the most supportive healing environment she was shocked to discover that household cleaning products contain the most toxic chemicals children are exposed to on a daily basis.  Because of this, Jess and Peyton decided to create their own cleaning solution. 

They named their new cleaner Peyton’s Potion and gave bottles as gifts to their friends and family. Word spread and Jess and Peyton began selling bottles of Peyton’s Potion and donating the earnings to CureSearch, a world leader in funding innovative research for childhood cancers.

In 2018, Peyton and Jess partnered with two longtime customers and friends, Joshua Margolis and Meghan Brosnan, to help keep up with the demand and expand the availability of Peyton’s Potion.

Today, thriving and cancer free, Peyton is an integral part of Peyton’s Potion alongside his mom, Joshua and Meghan. Together, they continue the company’s core missions: to fund innovative research for childhood cancer and raise awareness about the importance of safe cleaning products, all while manufacturing and selling Peyton’s Potion Safe & Uplifting Multipurpose Cleaner.

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